SituationWhere is China?
It´s in _________________________________   

LanguageWhich language do they speak?. 
They speak ___________________________  

Important citiesWhat are the most important cities in China?   
The most important cities are __________, _________,  _________

Capital city: Which is the capital city of China?
The capital of Peru is ________________________

Currency: Which is the currency of China?
The currency of Peru is the ___________________

FlagWhat color is the flag of China?
The flag of Peru is ______________________

Important places / monuments.: What are the mos important places and monuments
The most important places and monuments are __________________________

Important charactersWhat are the most important characters (actors, singers, writers..)
There are important people, for example ...

CACERES, an old town to visit
Cáceres is a very old town situated in the west of Spain, near Portugal. It´s in Extremadura. In Cáceres there are remains from medieval times, the Roman occupation, Moorish occupation and the Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain.
Cáceres has got four main areas to visit: the historical quarter, the Jewish quarter, the modern center, and the outskirts.
There is a catedral called Santa María and lots of churches, palaces and museums. There is a long wall around the historical quarter, also. Not very far away  are Los Barruecos, a natural monument, and the Monfragüe National Park, a natural reserve with many differents types of trees and birds, such as the Black Vulture, the Spanish Imperial Eagle and the Black Storks. It´s very a interesting place for birdwatching.
In the modern town there are many restaurants and shops. Lots of tourists come to Cáceres and stay for a day or two to visit the medieval quarter, to have a rest, have good food and go shopping.

Making Valentine´s Cards.

Here are different Web Pages to make your own Valentine´s Cards:

1. Helping your kids to make their own Valentine Cards is fun and rewarding
2. Printable children's valentine cards for school or home.
3. Valentine´s Day Craft for kids


Esta página te servirá para repasar los número cardinales y ordinales en inglés. 

1. Practica las preposiciones
2. Places in my town
3. Buildings (Wheres is the museum?)
4. Around town 1 
5. Around town 2
6. Make click HERE and do these activities from your textbook:


These activities will get to learn the verb TO BE phenomenal.