martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

Activities in English

1. Describing a monster. Fill in the blanks using  am, are, is, ´ve got, ´s got.

2. Project: You have to find information about WALES

You can find information HERE:

  •  Situation: Where is Wales? 
      It´s in _________________________________   
  •      Language: Which language do they speak in Wales?. 

           They speak ___________________________  
  •       Important cities: What are the most important cities in Wales?

     The most important cities are __________, _________,  _________
  •       Capital cities. Which is the capital city of Wales
    The capital of Wales is ________________________
  •       Currency. Which is the currency of Wales
    The currency of Wales is ___________________
  •       Flag: What color is the flag of Wales
   The flag of Wales is ______________________
  •     Important places / monuments. What are the mos important places and monuments
   The most important places and monuments are __________________________
  •      Important characters. What are the mos important characters (actors, singers..)